Simbrief new AIRAC not available

Hello, on the Simbrief website the new AIRAC 2309 is not selectable. When will this be available on the website?

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Indeed. And the weird thing is that the new AIRAC is available in the FMS Manager, so all my aircrafts are already updated to 2309.

Maybe there’s a technical glitch?

Everything is possible.
Let’s wait for the official answer.

Simbrief still shows AIRAC 2308 as “Current Cycle”.
I have no 2309 anywhere in Simbrief, not even grayed out and unselectable.

Should the AIRAC not be available by 09:00Z on the new cycle day? Just asking …


Hi guys,

The cycle is 2309 since a little while on SimBrief. We’re investigating what might have caused the delayed switch.

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2309 is available for me now. Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks, but Simbrief says valid to 04/OCT/23 but the Cycle Info (e.g Simtoolkit Pro) says Valid (from/to): 07/SEP/2023 - 05/OCT/2023

What is right?

04/OCT/23 or 05/OCT/23 ?

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Cycle 2310 will release on Oct 5. So Oct 4 is the last full day of 2309. You can see the full calendar on our website:



Thank you Stephen :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend :+1:

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