E-Jets ERJ175 P3Dv5 FMS not updating


I’ve downloaded latest Navigraph FMS data updater and had it auto detect my Feelthere E-Jets file and when I try to load a arrival, particularly same that is in my updated ForeFlight flight plan, it seems some of the arrivals into KDEN that I was planning for are either old or incorrect. Example, KDEN has the LONGZ2 arrival and in the E-jets FMS even after updating to 2212 rev 1, that arrival is not in there. So reading on here from a older thread, I’m confused on what the proper directory should be to update the FMS. I had read in the older thread here that the directory should be C:/users/me/Documents/Prepar3D v5 Add - ons/. By the way, my Prepar3Dv5 sim is located in a separate SSD drive, not the local “C” drive, if that matters. I changed it to that and still does not update. What should the proper directory be? Cheers!




I am not aware the Feelthere E-Jets E175 is supported for P3Dv5?

For P3Dv4, with Install into P3Dv4 folder, in latest FMS Data Manager I have

In Settings:

In Addon Mappings:


On the Feelthere web link there are instructions for how to get the E-jet to work with P3Dv5. It’s a simple file delete. Mine works fine with v5. But I did experiment and figured it out. Since my P3D is located in a separate dedicated drive, I directed Navadata FMS updater to this;
SSD (F:) Prepare3D v5/FeelThere/Nd. I checked the arrival that I was trying to fly according to ForeFlight and its accurate now.

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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