Feature request standalone FMS

Hello Navigraph,
First, thank you for your services loving the new features.
Here’s my request, I am coming back to FS after a 3 year hiatus, re installed my FSX ( I know its old but Im sure there are still many users out there.) and I’m thinking I need/want a stand alone, updatable, airframe indifferent, single interface enter/edit/execute FMS that will allow me to use any airliner or aircraft with confidence in the Vatsim/Ivao world. To be honest a working FMS that is easy to use is actually mandatory to do online airliner flying. I have searched for some time but all the ones I have found are lacking in one way or another, manufacturer specific, volunteer organizations, have to jump through hoops to enter or edit a flight plan through the FS flight planner. Etc.

Such an addon, tailored to navigraph data would be in my mind an excellent addition to your services and may bring in a wider audience that may not be fully confident in the operation of some of the more sophisticated payware products out there that do come with a proper FMS.
I for one would be more than happy to pay a purchase price for this item.
Something to consider.

Hi Peter,

The FMS is integrated into and depends on the aircraft systems, so by definition is dependent on the aircraft itself. You should be able to get a good payware aircraft you can master quickly, maybe start with engines running, which you can use with online flying.


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