Download error FP

when loading the FP long haul, it loads a point that is not listed by me in the FP, which is located approx. 1500 nm north and cannot be deleted during planning, I managed to do it only in FMC
When I deleted navdata from the Community folder the problem disappeared

this isn´t a SimBrief error - please update your AIRAC cycle 2209 with the second revision what we have currently released and try it again. It should be fixed …


Have current version AIRAC

I also tried the AIRAC update and will see if it fixes it


For what it’s worth, I have just tried loading the .pln file from your KLAX-LOWW flight using the new AIRAC 2209 revision and it loads without any errors on my sim.

Let us know if it’s fixed for you as well. If not, also try regenerating the flight plan and importing the new .pln file.

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