Dialogue box to load current flight plan too fast

When I have a flight with a flight plan loaded into MSFS . and open Charts from the toolbar, I get a dialogue box that I think asks me if I want to load the Charts saved route for the flight plan I have currently loaded into the sim. Using PMDG 737. The point is that the dialogue box opens and closes in a couple of seconds before I can react to it and then the saved flight plan from a previous flight displays with all the saved charts etc. So then I have to go to the saved flightplans drop down and load the current flight from there.

is there a way to slow down the dialogue or allow a yes or no input before it loads a previously active flight plan? Loading the current flight plan is a nifty feature if I could react fast enough.

I paid more attention to this. I made a flight from PHNL-PHOG. Then I made a flight from KSJC-KPHX and saved it. When I resume the saved flight and open Navigraph charts in panel, it asks me if I want to load a flight plan, and before I can do anything,it quickly loads a route that takes me from KSJC to PHNL and back to KPHX, a route I never created. This happens every time I open the in panel version of charts while flying the resumed flight, if I close Navigraph while in the saved flight.

But after the strange routing comes up I can then choose my flight route for KSJC-KPHX from the dropdown of my saved routes , and as long as I do not close charts, it will remain active and track properly.

And one other thing. If I open Charts in my iPad, it looks like the route from KSJC via PHNL to KPHX has become the permanent version and only of the route I can load there too. All very strange.