Deleting flights + WayPoint Issues

I am a big fan of Navigraph Charts despite I am an horrible X-Plane user on Apple Mac Book Pro M1 ( I know, I feel ashamed).

I have two issues : I did not find how to delete Flights in the left window. Any Clue
I also have Problem with Navigraph Reading and exportant GPS waypoints such as the example below: I
1100 Version
CYCLE 2302
1 LFCD ADEP 64.000000 44.755000 -1.065000
11 444015N0010604W DRCT 0.000000 44.670833333333334 -1.1011111111111112
3 SAU DRCT 0.000000 44.676806 -0.152917
11 SECHE DRCT 0.000000 44.438611 0.515278
11 LACOU DRCT 0.000000 44.296778 0.904389
11 441008N0011503E DRCT 0.000000 44.16888888888889 1.2508333333333332
1 LFCC ADES 912.000000 44.350600 1.478610

Not only this Flight Plan is read incorrectly in Plane 12 ( but it is Easy to fix, you just need to rename the waypoint and save the fms file)but Navigraph ALSO is unable to read what it just created. Any club also.

May I also mention that the altitude is not included in the .fms file.

Thank you for your help despite I am not an MSFS / Windows user.

Hi Eric,

First make sure you have installed the latest Charts 8 for Mac V 8.23.0:

To Delete flights:

Click on Flights Unload, then Edit

Select Flights, the press Delete


In Charts 8 I have just created flight plan

LFCD DCT 444015N0010604W DCT SAU G39 LACOU DCT 441008N0011503E DCT LFCC

I then save it in X-Plane 11/12 format to X-Plane 12\Output\FMS plans\

When I start X-Plane 12 with Zibo 738, I read the plan in without error.


With default 737-800 I did get a runway length error - expected as the LFCD is too short for a 737.

Please clarify the issue you have.


Thank you very much for this fast and clear answer. I do appreciate a lot, thank you again.

I will clarify the second aspect late this afternoon and will try to be explicitly clear.

Best Regards
Éric PecquerieSent from Eric’s IPad Pro

Hi Ian again
In fact you are right ( but please do not stop Reading there) and I am right also.

  1. Navigarph effective perfectly rends the files it created. The Problem comes from X-Plane12 that does not understand tréfile generated by Navigraph with GPS waypoints.
    Hère is the file generated by navigraph :

And hère is the Flight plan loaded into X-Plane12 G100 standard FMS

You can ses that the two GPS waypoints are wrong and rejected toucans of miles away (2025)

  1. Not if you modify the original Navigraph generated file and replace the names of the ways points as showed below

Best Regards
Eric Pecquerie

Then two Effects happen. x-Plane FMS rends the file correct and Navigraph NO LONGER reads it correctly, what I mentionne not so clearly I admit yesterday.

.That is what I wanted to mention and Bring to your attention. May be there is a way to change the waypoints names such as XPLANE reads the.fms file correct AND Navigraph reads it also correctly. I did not find the méthodi right now.

I use the latest versions of XPlane and Navigraph BTW.

Thank you for your help.

Hi again Ian,

In addition to what I sent you yesterday evening, I continued some investigations.

You Will find below 2 files in .fms format and 1 in .pln format.

-LFCDLFCC01 is generated by SIMBRIEF Downloader. It works perfectly with X-Plane12 as the GPS waypoints are named Fix01BUT, Navigraph CANNOT read this format
-LFCDLFCC03 are generated by Navigraph ( latest version) and are NOT read correcly by X-PLANE 12 as I mentionner yesterday.

So, I Believe this behavior deserves Navigarph attention. Please can you keep me informed of the Progress of your work to hopefully fix this issue.

You May ask why I am willing to modify Simbrief generated Flight plans in Navigraph : the reason is quite obvious for me, as I appreciate a lot Navigraph for ils features and map. It is also better for SID, STAR and approches.

SIMBRIEF has improved a lot( and more than a lot to my opinion) with the last révision but I consider as the root for Flight Planning and then uses the generated information to reine the plan with Navigraph. Am I wrong. I usually does not modify the plan in a way than all W&B, fuel are completely off with Navigraph mods.

LFCDLFCC01.fms (373 Bytes)

LFCDLFCC03.fms (376 Bytes)

LFCDLFCC03.pln (2.93 KB)

HI Eric,

We have identified the issue and have it in our tracking system for a future fix.

Thank you for reporting it.