Datalink Weather for Garmin units

Now after having seen that Navigraph implemented weather data, that data could be implemented into the G1000/G3000/G5000? The real units have the ability to show weather data on the MFD’s using datalink, which could be nicely replicated using the new weather data. I am aware that Navigraphs weather data might vary a bit from the present sim weather. That however is even great, as real datalink weather is often outdated by 10/15 minutes and thus only gives a rough overview of the weather. There has even been a crash as the pilot relied too much on (by 15 minutes outdated) datalink weather.

Here is a refrence from the G1000, as you can see it not only displays precip (which the current unit can already do) but also shows windbarbs and has the ability to show much more weather info.