Data Manager error and crash

Suddenly, the FMS data Manager GUI will not open - I get an error window instead:


Any idea what the problem is? It was fine a few days ago. Only thing I can think of is I ‘upgraded’ C++ from 2015-2019 to 2015-2022 version. The latest version should have all the functionality of the older one (the latter is removed).

Do I need to reinstall the Data Manager, or is there a ‘quick fix’? If I need to reinstall, what files do I need to back up and replace so that I don’t have to start from scratch programming where all the XP11 folders are located?



EDIT: OK, I managed to fix this by removing C++ 2015-2022 and reinstalling both C++ 2015-2019 x64 and 2015-2019 x86. I guess people will be upgrading to the latest version over time - which process removes the earlier one (which the Navigraph Data Manager apparently needs): Navigraph should perhaps update the Data Manager so that it will run on the current version of C++, or this problem is going to become more and more frequent?

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for the update and suggestion, which we shall consider.

Glad the issue is resolved.

Happy flying.


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