Data in ARINC424 format

Is it possible to download the navigation data in ARINC424 format directly? I can pick X-Plane in the FMS data manager, but on the navdata page over on X-Plane it says: 'don’t modify this directly, use original arinc 424 data and the 424toxp11 converter to make user entries.

I would like to use the brilliant Arinc Decoder program ( to create some, but that also starts with… you guessed it, ARINC 424 format data.

So the question is, how can I get the data in that format as part of my subscription?

it´s not possible - we don´t offer the data in the original ARINC424 format directly, so in other words - we don´t/can´t support the Arincdecoder tool. Sorry.


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