"data base invalid" messageon CDU with IFly744 and FSX airac 2112 rev1

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I currently use FSX and Ifly744. I purchase the navigraph tool to updated the FMC in Ifly744. But still have a message in CDU scratchpad…“Data base invalid” and no data base loaded in FMC. I did use the navigraph FMS Data Manager (just uploaded and installed today), it see the Ifly744 addon and looks like doing the job. But even if I do have in the IFly/744/navdata file the last airac, when I run FSX and the Ifly744, get the message “data base invalid”. Could you help me with this issue?

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The IFly744 is the V2.1.0.1 purcased few days ago. don’t know if this help to figure out?

Hi Benjamin,


Please post a screenshot of your FMC Ident page using Guide to posting Screenshots .

It should look like:


Hello Ian,

Thanks for your reply!
I did try to do a screen shot but lokks not willing to work?..
If I look in the CDU IDENT page under the line “Nav Data”, I get nothing is blank same on the other side under “active” . so for me looks like is not downloaded but in the windows file as I said previously I can see in the IFLY folder that the airac 2112 is there??

Could you tell me which version of Ifly744 you are using? mine is V2.1.0.1

I looks like we have the same OP Program .But I saw that there is a Sp3 for Ifly744 but so far I did not install it.
Under the line “CO Data” on the CDU I get noything is blank? Not like yours with the JEP-2112.
I currently using windows10 don’t know if is relevant.
The Ifly addon works fine as well as the FSX so for me is a mystery?

here some screenshot of the Navigraph FMS data manager

some of the folder…

can you show us your FSX path too from the FMS Data Manager?

Hi Richard,

Not sure that I understand your request?..

Is it in the FMS data manager or you look for a path in windows10 ?

that’s the addon mappings

No, in the settings tab, that we see the FSX path. Sorry!

By the way, the latest iFly 747 version for FSX is
Your currently installed version is Service Pack 2c (v2.2.0.3)

… and the FMC shows this:


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