When flying to CYYZ, there were no stars when trying to land on runway ILS Runway 5

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due the lack of information (FAQ - Read before posting , Guidelines for reporting), I can only give you a general answer. I have looked onto CYYZ and I see all the STARs in the worldmap:

Also, I have tried to look in the TBM930 and also here:

This is only the first STARs for runway 05 but the STARs are complete, I have checked it.

Sorry, I remembered the situation wrong.

I was in the Airbus A320 Neo (FlyByWire mod) and when listing the STARS from within the cockpit on the MCDU for ILS runway 05, You only get 3 STARS, but the three stars are listed 3 times each.

You see Boxum5 three times, Duvos3 three times and Imeba5 3 times.

Has anyone found a solution to this or is experiencing the same thing?

In the 787 Dreamliner, no STARS are shown, maybe that’s why I initially remembered it as having no Stars.

Seems to be just the airliners having this problem. The Citation Longitude with the Garmin 3000 has all the stars.

sorry, I have lost your real question …

  1. the “3-times” issue:
    Thats a sim issue, because there is no way to add a transition name for multiple enroute transitions like here at CYYZ. BOXUM5 includes three different enroute-transitions:
    and IRKIM

The FMC shows you only the arrival procedure ident (BOKUM5) which is correct so far but then they mix VIAS and TRANS because you see BOKUM5 3 times (for every enroute transition one line) and you can´t select the correct VIAs/TRANs … the procedures are correct coded but the sim can´t handle such complex procedures - the airliners FMC/S are full of bugs and in my eyes not really useable.

To the second question about the missing STARs:
When the STARs are present in the G1000 and/or in the A320 you know, that this is again a bug in the FMC and it looks like so. Sorry, but this part in the sim isn´t very useful for the simmer outside because it has his own life.


Just FYI, the Working Title crew recently announced that they will soon be releasing an updated version of the CJ-4 mod that will have a completely new FMS written from scratch, which will use no part of the default MSFS navigation system. The new FMS is designed to accurately emulate all functions of the real Proline-21, which means that this one aircraft at least should properly handle STARS and approaches with multiple transitions.

The new version of the aircraft will also have a fully working VNAV system, so procedures with altitude constraints coded in the nav data should be correctly flown by the autopilot in descent.

They will also be releasing a new update of their G1000 mod that should also bring many new realistic functions.

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