CYTR - Trenton Terminal Procedure Missing

Trenton Terminal is missing, so when aircraft enters Trenton Military Terminal Control, they are not handed over to 128.4. There is no option to contact Trenton Terminal on 128.4 when in the terminal control zone.

128.4 is listed as (CTA) when it should be Trenton (ARR/DEP).

Tower 0 to 6000 ft Terminal 6000 - 12500 within tower control zone
Terminal 0 - 12500 ft within Terminal Control zone
Toronto Centre 12500+

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Hello, can you attach a screen shot for us? I see ARR 128.4 and 128.7 for TWR.

Terminal Control is the area outside the Control area. Surrounded by Toronto Terminal to the east, Toronto Centre to the north, Montreal Centre to the east and Cleveland/Boston Center to the south.

Flying through this area you are not asked to report to Trenton terminal on 128.4 before entering Trenton tower area.

Just to be clarify - CTA means “Common Traffic Advisory” and will be used to code stations with the same frequency for different types, like here: 128.400 is coded as CTAF because this frequency is a multiple/shared frequency for ARR and DEP.

The coding is as CTAF is correct so far - it´s the frequency of an “controlled area” around the airport.

On the other hand, I have fixed the CTAF coding in the MSFS because this was not correct coded internally.

Old, AIRAC 2204 revision 1 (and before):

Now, with AIRAC 2204 revision 2:

Revision 2 is uploaded and ready for an update via the Navigraph Navdata Center.


There is still no hand-off to Trenton Terminal, nor is there an option to switch to Trenton Terminal and request for Class C airspace transition.

128.400 should be following ARR/DEP Class C procedures through the terminal control zone.

Everything with the Trenton Tower is fine.

Once I remove the Navigraph files, everything is fine.

thats a sim issue now, because as I wrote before, this frequency must be coded as CTA because it’s a shared frequency of two different types and it’s exactly for the Class C airspace in the terminal area. CTA is supported by the MSFS at least according their schema.

The stock data has coded this as ARR and DEP which is not correct. I assume that you can set a CTAF but internally the ATC of the MSFS can’t handle it. Again, thats only a assumption but they have added a lot and have either forgotten to implement it or are far away to implement it.

Sorry, in this case we can’t do more. When the handover doesn’t work, to this CTAF please report this to ASOBO as bug via Zendesk.

The frequency has now the correct ATC type, which wasn’t the case before and that was the fix in revision 2.

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