Cycle 2405 Simbrief

Hello, on the Simbrief website the new AIRAC 2405, is not selectable.
Is it again delayed?

Kind Regards

Hi Kevin,
what do you mean with “delayed”? We are releasing all datasets, on-time and that over 20 years but depending on the different time-zones (user and our team) sometimes it´s earlier and sometimes it´s later … but it will be release it today (16th of May, AIRAC release date).

You can expect the cycle within the next hours …


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it was always the case that - at least in Germany - the cycle was always released on Simbrief at 9 a.m., together with the new AIRAC.


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As I wrote, we will release it during the day and you can expect it during the day - we don´t have any fix time even when it looks for you, that we release it at 9 am (at least in Germany).

So please don´t expect it on a specific time for the future, but you can expect it on the release day :wink:

Hope that helps,

I don’t want to discuss this, but in my opinion it makes no sense to release a cycle for MSFS if you can’t get it on Simbrief at the same time.

I don’t expect it for the future.

Thank you,



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