AIRAC cycle 2205?


what is the newset AIRAC cycle ? In my Navigraph Navdata Center (1.0.8) it´s 2204 rev. 2. Shouldn´t it 2205 ?

greets klaus

Hi Klaus,

No, Rev 2 of AIRAC 2204 was released 3 May 22 as per Release notes - AIRAC Cycle.

AIRAC 2205 releases in approximately 24 hours on 19 May 22 0900Z


Hi Klaus,
additional to Ian´s answer - here are the official release dates of the AIRAC cycles.

EUROCONTROL official AIRAC release dates

We release it as in the real-world on time, that all sims, addons and 3rd party products will be still in sync.
So as Ian wrote, next cycles comes tomorrow (19 of May) during the day - normally at 0900Z …


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