Custom ILS for 3rd party planes?

I created my first custom airport with custom ILS. Now the problem is that the Fenix A320 reads Navigraph’s database. Is there a way to make the Fenix reads the custom ILS?

what do you mean with “custom ILS”? When the ILS exists in real, you should be able to use it in Fenix also. Or do I missunderstood you here? What airport is it?


By “custom ILS” I mean I edited the default ILS in the SDK as explained here because the glide slope from Navigraph’s database was too high on final approach for my custom airport (ESNX). With the package reorder tool, I put my airport in a higher priority and now “my ILS” works with default planes except for the Fenix as they read Navigraph’s database instead of “my ILS”.

I hope this clears things up

Thanks for the clarification - understood …

But I have checked the glideslope elevation now against the AIP and it´s correct so far. Also the coordinates - no difference to the AIP values. I have now flown the ILS 12 approach into ESNX with the default scenery and also here, all looks good:

ILS 12 - D7.7/ARV at 7700 ft - exactly:

D3.7/ARV at 2420 ft - exactly:

D0.8/ARV at 1496 ft - exactly:

… and last on threshold (runway 1242 ft + TCH 51 ft) - exactly:

… exactly over the threshold:

This was made with the FBW A320, the stock ESNX and AIRAC 2213 rev. 2 installed.

You see, the ILS is working as expected, at least with the stock scenery. So, it seems more a scenery issue on your side. I don´t see any reason for your “custom ILS” - only when someone wants to use your scenery. Again, and as I have shown you - the data, which we use are fitted perfect with the MSFS stock scenery. So, why do you need a “custom ILS” and don´t use the real-world data?


Ok I feel a little silly now. I never thought about the fact that my scenery was a little bit lowered. I guess that happened when i flattened the whole area. I raised now my scenery and it works. Sorry for any inconveniences

Wonderful news, thank you very much for your feedback. I’m not a scenery designer, nor do I have enough knowledge about this - therefore good stuff! Well done …

I mark your answer as solution …

Thank you very much and have a nice sunday

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