Curtiss C-46D Commando Simbrief Profile | Available

Dear Community,

As there was no Simbrief profile for the legendary Curtiss C-46D Commando yet, I decided to make one myself, matching the real world values. The profile is based on the Douglas DC-3, as both have an almost similiar cruising speed and fuel burn.

I increased the Fuel Factor up to P60 (60 % more than the DC-3), as there is not enough reference available for an accurate fuel burn.


  1. I changed the name from Douglas DC-3 to Curtiss C-46D
  2. I adapted the weights to match real world performance values and adjusted the fuel burn
  3. I added the engine type PW R-2800
  4. I changed the cruising altitude to FL245, which is the maximum ceiling of the C-46D
  5. I changed the Maximum Diversion to 300 nm and the Minimum Runway length to 2952 ft


Here is the link to it:

Note: I didn’t adapt this aircraft profile to a specific AddOn, I just took the values from the references I had available at this time.

@SimBrief May you please add it to the Simbrief database? And please also change the status of it in the public database, after you verified it’s correctness.


Hi, thanks, I have added the profile.

Best regards,

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