Fuel consumption with the C510 Mustang

I am having some struggle with the fuel planning for the Cessna 510 Mustang. I believe the calculated fuel is a bit too high.

Let’s say I do a test flight plan LIRF - LGST @FL350 (a flight I got from OnAir dispatch) with no alternate, no contingency, no reserve (just to see the pure Fuel Burn and system calculates 2’085 lb block fuel.

I found on the web the Flight Planning Guide for this airplane and according to the table, if I take the same flight data (800 NM , FL350) I have an estimation of 1’600 lb
According to manual this includes:
-Cruise Climb
-High-Speed cruise
-High-Speed descent
-ISA, zero winds enroute
-Flight time includes climb,cruise and descent
-Fuel burn includes 60 pound for taxi and takeoff
-Three Passengers @200 pound each, single pilot (I am consideing 190 ponds/passenger and single pilot)

I think there is a bit of discrepancy and I’d like to ask if is possible review this aircraft profile

Flight_Planning_Guide.pdf (289.0 KB)

SimBrief’s C510 profile is of unknown quality:

The file you provided looks quite interesting and could help improve the profile, I think? @SimBrief



Thanks for the supporting!
For the time being I will fly with the datas from the manual, otherwise I will be always too limited in weight and then I land with 1’500 lbs of fuel remaining for mid flights ca 500 NM.

Then hoping @SimBrief will have a look at it and perhaps adjust the fuel for this class!

Have a nice one!