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As there was no Simbrief profile for the russian Ilyushin IL-76TD yet, I decided to make one myself, matching the real world values. The profile is based on the Airbus A310-300, as it is almost as fast as the Ilyushin IL-76TD. Also I adjusted it’s fuel burn, which is 30% more than the Airbus A310-300.

The Cost Index is recommended to be ignored/changed to something different, as the Ilyushin IL-76TD doesn’t use the western Cost Index system.


  1. I changed the name from Airbus A310-300 to Ilyushin IL-76TD
  2. I adapted the weights to match real world performance values and adjusted the fuel burn
  3. I added the engine type D-30KP
  4. I changed the cruising altitude to FL430, which is the maximum ceiling of the IL-76TD
  5. I changed the Maximum Diversion to 800 nm and the Minimum Runway length to 5577 ft


Here is the link to it:

Note: I didn’t adapt this aircraft profile to a specific AddOn, I just took the values from the references I had available at this time.

@SimBrief May you please add it to the Simbrief database? And please also change the status of it in the public database, after you verified it’s correctness.


Hi, thanks, I’ve added the airframe to SimBrief.

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@SimBrief I have made an update to my Ilyushin IL-76TD Simbrief profile, the fuel burn was a bit too low, so I increased the Fuel Factor/Fuel Bias to P60 (60 % more fuel than the A310-300).

Here is the link to my updated profile: SimBrief - Dispatch

May you change it in the database, please?


No problem, I’ve updated the database.

Best regards,

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