CTD with MMUN entered

I can’t do anything from MMUN without a CTD now. I’ve never had that problem to or from that airport until today. The sim has also occasionally not recognized plans that are loaded in from Navigraph. I’m fine with the plans, but the CTDs are brutal. My Community folder is 310G and counting. Even with a beast PC, it takes 40 min to load from start. Could it be that the data in Navigraph doesn’t match what’s in MSFS 2020?


More info is needed:

  1. When do these CTD’s occur - At World Map stage? When you load MMUN into FMS/MCDU?
  2. For which aircraft?
  3. Any addon scenery? If so what happens when you remove that scenery?
  4. Does this occur with default non Navigraph Navdata?


i used the navigraph sign in fs to load moving map it is great but i get ctd and freez when i am starting flight or landing , which i do not get if i am using navigraph moving map directly

I have no issues whatsoever flying in/out of MMUN using Navigraph FMS and charts.

CTD could be related to add-ons.

I have also tried MMUN now (latest sim version, default MMUN scenery, AIRAC 2105 rev. 4 installed) - no CTD, with or without the panel and/or the moving map.


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