Is it possible Navigraph flightplans are causing the current wave of CTDs?

Ever since I installed Navigraph and updated to the latest AIRAC I have been experiencing CTDs in MSFS when loading flightplans at the flight planning screen. I don’t seem to get them if I plan the flight manually.

Do you have any community mods loaded besides Navigraph?

Nope. None whatsoever. I should clarify that the CTDs occur during flight, not when actually loading the flightplans.

sorry, I can’t follow you now.

You wrote

and now you wrote

What now?

  • From where are the flightplans?
  • Which default aircraft do you use?
  • Can you upload a flightplan which crashed?
  • Can you explain where exactly crashed the flightplan during the flight, that we can try to reproduce?

Thank you

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