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Hi guys,

Hoping this may assist anyone having difficulty updating the MSFS CRJ who purchased their MSFS from Microsoft Store and the CRJ From the Marketplace.

In summary, follow the steps from the previous post on performing a manual installation, but then copy the contents from {install path}\Community\Aerosoft-CRJ\Data\NavData to {install path}\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData (after making a suitable backup of course)

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I purchased MSFS Deluxe Edition via the Microsoft Store, and the new Aerosoft CRJ-550/700 from the MSFS Marketplace using Steam credits. I was having an issue where (with the default Navdata in the CRJ) a particular airport (WARI) was not found in the database. As a result, I subscribed to Navigraph.

After applying the Navigraph App in the MSFS beta section succesfully, I then performed a Manual install of the Aerosoft CRJ Professional installer as described in the official post on this forum.

This (in my case) installed the Navdata as described in that post to D:\MSFS_2020\Community\Aerosoft-CRJ\Data\NavData

I was however aware, that when you purchase from the MSFS store, the CRJ is not installed in the Community folder, but instead (again in my case) to D:\MSFS_2020\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData, but the previous post assured me the update should be placed in the community folder regardless.

I then tried to launch MSFS and load the CRJ up at that stage, but found that the FMS data was not updated, and WARI still was not found.

Consequently I quite MSFS, made a copy of the original contents of D:\MSFS_2020\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData for safeties sake, then copied all of the contents from to D:\MSFS_2020\Community\Aerosoft-CRJ\Data\NavData to D:\MSFS_2020\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData

Finally after launching MSFS and loading the CRJ again, I found the FMS data correctly updated and WARI found successfully.

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great, that’s what I thought when reading the official post and I was actually scratching my head. My CRJ is also installed in …Officia\OneStore\aerosoft-crj and it somehow didn’t make sense to me to use the community folder anyway. I just did it “your” way and the data is effectively there.

We are currently in contact with Aerosoft because we have only the information, that the navdata files should be located in the Community folder.

When this really is right, than we must adapt the installer, thats for sure because we had only the instructions from Aerosoft to put the data in the Community folder.

Will follow up, when I have a final answer from AS. Currently, they are not sure and must also test it.


Hi Richard,

I have the Steam edition and to install it in the normal community folder gives me a crash to desktop on startup of MSFS.

Hi gents,

Aerosoft has now confirmed that the path between the Marketplace version and Webshop version for the navdata is different. We shall change the installer logic now …

Sorry, but we built the installer with the instructions we received from Aerosoft.

I will inform you here, when the new installer is online … thanks for your patience and the valuable hints to this. Nobody is perfect, sorry :roll_eyes:



will we just need to remove and reinstall the navdata via the beta installer when this change you are mentioning goes live? I also purchased the CRJ on the in game market place… have noticed several SIDS missing out of KMSP… assuming this is related?

no worries! Glad it’s confirmed. I just checked, it seems to wrong in the Aerosoft KB and manual: Aerosoft CRJ - Installation paths

I informed them from my side too.

Hi Adam,

Yes, I have spoken with Hans Hartmann yesterday and it was also new for him. He use the sim virtual file system, which means he had never seen an absolute path.

But anyway, we will change the installer today and than all should be good. It’s new for all of us :slight_smile:


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Thanks for being so responsive, Richard and team!

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whenever you have time - I have uploaded a new installer for the CRJ now, which identified now, if the CRJ was bought via Marketplace or via any webshop. Depends on this, the installation path will be set correctly and the files will be copied into the proper location.

Let me know the results please - it´s for Steam and Marketplace sim´s :wink:
Thank you very much,

PS: revision is still 4 - because I have only changed the installer - so please re-download it from the webpage


Thanks Richard, I will only be able to confirm once I get back from work, so in around 10 hours time or so… will let you know! Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay. After downloading the (new) V4 manual installer, The installer correctly detected my CRJ Navdata folder as (in my case) D:\MSFS_2020\Official\OneStore\Aerosoft-CRJ\Data

Proceeding with the install made a backup of the existing airac and installed the (supposedly new) airac in the correct folder also. So I can confirm that in my case (MSFS purchased from Microsoft Store, CRJ purchased via MSFS Marketplace) it is now correct.


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David, not necessary to apologize - it´s great that you spend time into this. Much appreciated.
Thank you very much for your time and of course for the feedback. It looks really, that this fix solve it now :wink:

Have a nice day,

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