Cruise Profile 2300/24.0

Can someone please explain exactly what these numbers mean? The manual states IAS/Mach, but I’m in a Baron 58 (code BE58), so 2300 knots obviously doesn’t make sense. Is this an RPM setting and a .24 mach?

In reality, I seem to get an indicated speed in cruise of around 190KIAS. When I import this into Pilot2ATC, it shows a groundspeed of 250 knots. I am still learning about P2A, so perhaps I simply need to tell it that.

I should be getting about 213 TAS, but a 6 knot headwind in cruise. I’m using SimBrief, then importing to Navigraph Charts, the GPS in the airplane, and P2A.


EDIT: Is it RPM and manifold pressure?

Hi, yes, for the Baron the cruise profiles are RPM and manifold pressure.

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