Crossing speed impossible

Is this a bug? I’m a new Simbrief user. Thanks. CJ4 can’t do 380kts. Could do .380 mach which is about 160kts and could make sense.

16 thousand feet, true airspeed 380 knots → indicated airspeed 302 knots, seems doable in a CJ4 (if dangerously close to Vmo).



Thanks for your reply and confirming TAS, which obviously requires calculation.

Just to expand on what Tim wrote, in your case, the temperature was a little warmer than ISA, so IAS was specifically 299 kts at 16,000 ft. It’s normal for it to be quite close to Vmo since you chose the MCR (Max Cruise) profile for your flight.

It seems the LIDO format does not show the IAS in the Flight Log section of the OFP since it’s designed for use by large airliners, but other formats do show it. For example the JBU (below left) and JZA (below right) formats:

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