CRJ Cargo Issue

so I don’t know if I overread something but I don’t understand the following scenario.

I plan a flight with the CRJ 900. I select 60 pax and 1.5 t freight. Then in my OFP I see PAX: 60, CARGO: 3.0 . That makes no sense for me. Or is it including the baggage weight? ( - User Guide here stands that it is not including the baggage weight). So what is happening here? If I then add the pax weight via the custom aircraft config even stranger things happens and the pax weight also doesn’t change (paxwgt = (payload - cargo) / pax).

Thanks for your help!

Hi, the user guide is outdated. I will fix this shortly.

The CARGO line does include baggage by default now (55 lbs / 25 kg per passenger). However, when creating a custom airframe, you can choose to group all the pax + bag weight into the “Passenger Weight” option and leave the “Baggage Weight” at 0. In that case the CARGO line will only include freight.

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Ah, I didn’t expected that but it makes totally sense! Thats a way more realistic… Thank you very much!

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