Crewmember Names

@SimBrief Hello Derek I hope you have been well! I just came up with an idea that I think would be cool to add to the Simbrief System and wanted to know what your thoughts are.

Problem: Sometimes, pilots like to sit in the right seat and pretend they are the First Officer and not the Captain of the flight.

Solution: Could we make it so that there is an option to have Simbrief “assign” a particular crew member for the flight?

Example: a checkbox or drop down for Flight Crew member assignment. The options would be Auto assigned or manually assigned. If auto assigned is selected, then the manual entry box for that crew member either would be greyed out or would disappear entirely, and then Simbrief would auto-generate a random name onto the Dispatch Release like it currently already does.

Details: The checkbox or dropdown option would go next to each crew member (one next to Captain, one next to First Officer, and one next to Dispatcher). This way, if someone is doing shared cockpit, then they can manually enter both the Captain and First Officer’s names. As well, if they are being dispatched by a certain real world person, then the Dispatcher’s name can be manually entered in as well. However, if the flight is being built by the flight crew and not by a dispatcher, then they could have the option to have the dispatcher be a random generated name by Simbrief (if the checkbox or drop down is set to auto assigned for instance).

Likewise, if someone is flying by themself in the right seat, then they could have the option to have the Captain be auto assigned by Simbrief.

The default would be the following:
Captain - manually assigned (i.e. name entry permitted)
First Officer - auto assigned (i.e. name entry not permitted)
Dispatcher - auto assigned (i.e. name entry not permitted)

Curious what everyone else’s thoughts are on this concept.


This would he awesome for my shared cockpit flights! Great idea!

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This is a nice idea and I hope the team have time and resorce to devlop.
Will be nice to have the option also to be imported from other website, like vAMSYS or other where we can send the name of Captain or First Officer or even the Dispatcher.

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I occasionally like to fly from the right seat and would love to have this option. Hopefully sometime soon they will be able to create the option.

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This is a wonderful idea and I would love to see it implemented.

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As stated above would be a great option to have for those of us who like to share cockpits! Great idea!

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This would be a great feature!

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This would be great to see!