Crash when exporting flight plan to MSFS

On latest update, 100% reproducible crash.

  1. Create a flight plan
  2. Switch to Export tab
  3. Choose MSFS 2020


Navigraph page goes INOP, requests to reload. Reloading then resets window position and sometimes ends up logged out instead of reloading.

A file explorer window appears for the user’s home directory, not the location where MSFS flight plans are stored.

Hello Matthew! Thank you for the feedback!

I am not able to reproduce this. Everything works as expected for me using version 8.24.0. What is the route that you are trying to export?

Kind Regards,

I tried again a few times and it kept happening. Eventually it told me i needed to sign in again. After signing in again, it hasn’t happened. So maybe it was something funky in my authentication state?

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