Can't load saved flight to MSFS2020

With the recent actualization of MSFS I can’t load a new flight from Navigraph.
Thank you

Hi …,


Please advise exactly what steps you are taking, and any error messages, preferably with screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots.


Ilike to prepare my Flights with Navigraph.

This is my normal procedure:

First I open Navigraph

+New Flight

I Manual Input Origin and destination and create the Flight

I chose Runway + Departure + Arrival +Approaches

Export the Flight MSFS 2020 (.pin) to a File where I save all my Flights Plans

When in MSFS 2020 I Load the File (.pin) from my File and nothing happens.

I have to mention that that procedure used to work before the new MSFS2020 release.

Thank you


Hi Claudio,

I have just performed the same steps without error in latest MSFS.
Try uploading the flight plan using upload iconimageand we can try loading it.