Crash To Desktop in the A310 with the latest Rev

After updating the AIRAC today the A310 crashes to desktop on any ICAO combination

If I put the older version back it is all fine …



Please confirm you have installed AIRAC Cycle 2211 Rev 2 and restarted your machine.


Thank you for your reply ,

Ok I reinstalled Rev 2 … Took the A310 to FACT , start up the plane batteries and GPU , Select Init , FACT/OMDB instant CTD

I did restart the Computer and default Content.XML replace the Navigraph with Rev 1 … No crash

sorry, I can´t reproduce it …

I have done exactly your steps and no CTD:

In nearly 99% of issues, it´s a bad/incompatible package in your community folder. I would suggest following steps:

  1. close the sim
  2. backup your community folder
  3. delete ALL!! in your community-folder
  4. open the Navigraph Navdata Center and install the lastest AIRAC cycle
  5. start the sim
  6. try the same procedure as you described

Again, I have tried exactly your steps but no CTD. The difference between revision 2 and revision 1 is, that we removed the double runway at VHHX. So, it must be any other thing what cause this on your machine and I´m pretty sure, that when someone else try the same, that there is no CTD.

Please let us know, about the result of the steps above

Thank you

I have the same issue.

Used the A310 earlier today with revision 1 and all was well. Updated to revision 2 and the A310 goes ctd on trying a simbrief import or when entering departure/destination manually (EDDH/EDDF).

I have noted that Navigraph FMS Data Manager is still showing revision 1 for Realtraffic and LitteNavMap.

Have made no other changes to community today. Any other ideas ?

No sorry … the only change between revision 1 and 2 was the VHHX issue and that revision 2 was compiled with SU11 and the new SDK. Revision 1 was compiled with the previous version. But thats nothing what are in our hands.

Strange, because I can´t reproduce it - no CTD here.


PS: RealTraffic and LNM aren´t updated - why?

Richard - for LNM, I updated to Rev 2 on the NavCenter the day after our convo. I also took the time to check FMS Data Manager and it still said Rev 1 was the latest (Green color). Just for caution, I selected LNM and hit the Update button anyway, no change. So I’m not sure why they’re out of sync.

Hi Amando,
but there is no LNM revision 2 … I have only updated the MSFS dataset, nothing more. What issue do you have with the LNM Navigraph dataset that it needs a new revision?


Ah I thought the revisions would be in alignment - i.e., everytime a new AIRAC revision comes out for the NavData, there would be a corresponding one for LNM, but I’m guessing in this case since it’s only fixing the “layering” at Kai Tak (not correct tech term) for the visuals that would make sense. Sorry for the confusion!

No problem - no the revisions are per dataset because we removed only the runways for VHHX to avoid the double runways, but that fix doesn´t mean, it needs to update all other datasets too.

Therefore the revision number is really only for the specific dataset and not globally for all.

Hope that helps,


Ok , I have some good new and bad news … I resolved the issue twice …

  1. if I replace the file in navigraph-navdata\scenery\fs-base-jep\scenery\0903\NAX78240.bgl with the previous version and rebiuld the layout.json file , NO CTD ’ and its all fixed and all is well …

  2. I did a bit of reverse engineering and the cause is KAI TAK , I removed it from my Content Manager , always trying to avoid non existent things like closed airports etc … I reinstalled it and NO CTD’s

So if you get similar issues its 100 percents A not completely installed sim , its a pity because it causes so many other issues …

Please be aware, the previous version of this file contains the runways for VHHX because VHHX wasn’t included since SU11.

To the second point:
What do you mean with “removing from content manager”? Have yoh de-installed the stock VHHX from SU11?

Cheers and thanks for your help

Yes I de installed VHHH from my sim , this causes the CTD’s using REV 2
So by reinstalling KAI Tak the CTD is resolved


LIke the previous poster I had removed VHHX with content manager and it was then that the A310 ctd’d.

Restoring VHHX has fixed the issue and simbrief upload to the A310 works again.

Maybe best to warn everyone (somehow) that VHHX must be left installed or else …

Understood thanks Laurence … Good finding, yes the sim doesn’t like double sceneries.
Thanks a lot for sharing the solution … good, thats not the navdata :innocent:

Cheers and happy flying

Thanks too you too @tonypgray … I have thought, that VHHX will be installed automatically with SU11 and you can’t disable it.

Thanks again, every day new news :sunglasses:
Happy flying

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