Couple of UI suggestions (Browser)

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Hi, long time subscriber and love the product.
A couple of niggles I’ve had since the browser was given a makeover (to v8 I think, several months ago).

I usually clear out pinned departure charts (the list at the bottom of the page) during cruise and I remember it being easier prior to v8 (fewer clicks). Now I need to click the right hand “unhide” icon to bring up the list, swing over to the left and uncheck the Sync slider, swing back and click Edit, then swing left and close down the departure charts. It would be good if it was reverted back to the old method which I remember being quicker. Or at least relocate the icons to be together on the same side (left)?

Thanks again for a brilliant product and these are just minor suggested “improvements” (only my view!).

Hello! Thanks for the feedback and the kind words.

All points seem like valid thoughts! However, we try to keep things organized by splitting things up into one thing per topic. We also have a dedicated category for feature requests, see Wishlist .

May I ask that you create topics in Wishlist for points #1 and #3, and focus this post on #2?
I’ll forward the usability feedback from #2 to the team!

Kind Regards,

Sure Malte, done :heavy_check_mark:

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