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V8 is very different but it is growing on me as I gradually learn how it works so I have no doubt it’s a good progression.

So far - my biggest impacting change is that when a pinned chart is viewed and then zoomed to how I want it ready for use on approach/taxi - that zoom factor is lost when the chart is returned to the dock.

In the previous release, when the chart was re-opened, the chosen zoom factor and positioning was maintained. Would really appreciate if that behaviour could be restored.



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We do have this in our backlog, so it should be coming to a future release!




I agree with this, very much needed this functionality, seems like a small thing but it is a huge pain when flicking between charts, which happens a lot during busy workload and creates unnecessary delay, thanks for the plan to sort it

Just updated to latest version of Charts and we still don’t have this. It makes using Charts really bad, when you move from chart to chart, you have to keep constantly zooming again, this makes for an awful experience and wastes a lot of time.

Is there a planned date for this fix, it’s well overdue?

Thanks, Charles


It is still on our todo-list. I can’t give a date, but it is quite high up.

In today’s release there were many other good things. See the changelog here: Navigraph




Please check out the new version released today, where we added this feature.

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Hi Stephen, thx so much for the notification, I just tried it out and that is perfect, I’m extremely grateful to you ad the team, that makes an enormous difference!

I hope it can always remain a “must have” for any future developments, so we don’t lose it again!

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