Desktop Features Request


So I am slowly getting to grips with this new version (I use the desktop app on a secondary monitor), and its many ‘differences’. Since it appears it is here to stay, I am guessing we better all get used to it.

I do have 2 feature requests (for now), that I think may be useful/beneficial.

1/ A quick change day/night theme button.

2/ Increase the text and button size of the route on the top of the screen.

I’ll attach a screen shot to better illustrate these.

Many thanks.

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Bumping this up, in the hope of catching the attention of the developers.

And I’ll throw this in…

Every day with every flight, things are looking better with this Charts 8;
A tweak here and a tweak there, and soon there’ll be no more hate.
So get on board and look around;
Before you know it, you’ll be off the ground!

OK… enough of my silliness.