Couple of things


I have a couple of cool features that would be cool to add in.

  1. Specific airline OFP/ Releases upgrades
    So every airlie has its own release…for the most part. That means there are different features in each.

    The big one missing is Tanker fuel option. most airlines have these, ands i think the only OFP/Release that has close to this is LIDO with POSS EXTRA. I know there was talks about it being added earlier in th year but havent heard anything since. 

    Another would be little airline specific additives in the release that can also be calculate automatically if weather, and enroute turbulence could read by coding and add aditional fuel.
    [I.E. SWA Releases have a DIS ADD (dispatch add) which means that the dispatcher added a fuel into the block fuel (not extra fuel) for enroute winds, and turbulence and or weather diversions.

Weather and or Notams:

In the notams there is usually a jeppesen section of outages along your route. Now i for sure know there are WPTs along stars that sometimes dont add in the restraints and usually on the front page of the weather packet they will have these notams. E.X. SMF Arrival SUMMR3 there was a WPT that would bring you in way too high and you would either get vectored or a new approach via ATC.

Children Weights & bag count:
dont know if anyone has brought this up, but it would be very beneifical to have these weights, as well as having a drop down box for bag count. I understand if you set the Frieght to zero the weight will automically add the bags in, but certain flights average less bags than others and the time of they year for flying matters a lot too!

i hope some of the features get added in making the immersion awesome!


For tankering fuel, ideally I would want it to be “intelligent”, where it could suggest tankering based on fuel prices at departure and destination. But it turns out there isn’t a free (or at least cheap) source for that data that I could feed into the system, so it’s on hold for now.

Expanded fuel options, such as different fuel buckets (WX, DIS ADD, etc) are still planned for a future update at some point. This will include manual tankering, it just won’t be automatic or anything like I originally imagined.

The NOTAMs you refer to are likely company NOTAMs, or perhaps NOTAMs issued by Jeppesen (since SWA uses Jepp plans I believe). We don’t have access to these as far as I’m aware, nor do we have a chief pilot on staff to write custom NOTAMs for us at the moment. :slight_smile:

Better payload options might also come at some point. Hard to guess at a timeline right now though.

Best regards,

i appreciate the response! im actually surprised that there isnt a cheap or free fuel source. thats a shocker considering you can go on multiple websites and find it, but i get it. the intelligent part of it seems well worth it if one day it becomes deemed reasonable and worth the implementation.

manual tankering would be nice for the time being. that i would look forward too! because 90% of the time on the OFPs i see on the daily, Dispatch will tanker up to your MLW if the gas is under (i think avg) $7/Gal.

Yes swa uses jepp, kinda figure the NOTAMS would roll that way. just was curious.

Manual tankering and better payload options would be a great in depth add to simbrief (optional if you wanted to use them), i enjoy simbrief a lot but just missing the in depth parts to it.

thank you!