Could not log in dispatch system suddenly

I have trouble on dispatch system recently.
I have following favorite in my Edge browser.

So far, I could use the dispatch system for routing and calculating required fuel very quickly.
However, since yesterday of the day before yesterday?, I could not log in above page suddenly even though accept all cookies. As fur as I remember, I did not any change on the setting of the browser.
Then I got message as “The internet connection appears to be offline, or the server could not be reached”.
All the favorites except simbrief I made, I could see them without any issue. I have 3 PCs, same phenomena as said above.
I have the accounnt of Navigraph (payed), I could log in Navigraph without any issue.
Any suggestion would be very appriciated.



For testing purposes, are you able to try opening SimBrief on another browser (such as Chrome or Firefox)?

Also, are you running any VPN software (such as NordVPN)?

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Thank you for your so quick reply.
Well done!!!.
Since I do not have both the browsers you mentioned. I have downloaded Firefox and tried to log in Simbrief. I could log in successfully as used to, and more so convinient for reviewing the generated flight plan than used to. Interface should been modified thank you!!.
More sourprised for me is I could become to log in by Edge too!!. I do not know why?.
Anyway, now its has been come back.
Thank you for your good suggestion.

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Glad it works now, thanks for letting us know!

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