Constantly getting logged out, its getting ridiculous

so far on a 7 hour flight i have been logged out 5 times.

using chrome

Hello Mike!

That does not seem right. We did have an issue related to this about a week ago, but that should be fixed in the current version. What version are you using? You can find out by opening the settings menu, the version number will be visible at the bottom.


It is possible that you might just need to refresh your browser / clear the cache. To test this quickly, just open a new Incognito tab in chrome and navigate to the charts cloud website.

If that does not resolve the issue, please get back to us and we will work it out - it is not supposed to happen at all.

Kind Regards,

its version 7.4.2

will try clearing cache

Hello again!

Did it work out?


not really.

basically if its left open in a tab, and i do anything else, after some time, i come back to the tab and it says “could not connect to simulator” and i have to log back in.