Charts Keeps Logging Out

Latest version of Charts 8 for Desktop (8.15.0 build 3600842489) installed on my computer. Was working great but now it will randomly log me out and go back to the What’s New in Navigraph Charts and making me sign in again. On the latest version of W11 with all updates. Happens randomly, had it happen twice so far today.


We are not able to reproduce this. Can you see any pattern to the logouts?

Could you compare the desktop and the web app?



I have had the same thing happen today on Windows 11. Charts kept logging out in the middle of my flight… about 3-4 times total in a hour long flight.

I’m on W11 as well, latest version.

For what it’s worth, the issue is also happening on Windows 10

Can you recognize any pattern, such as when pressing a particular button, or do you get signed out completely at random? Also, does it happen often? At what interval?

It appears to be completely at random; fairly often, probably a couple times an hour