Condor OFP layout

Please add the Condor Flugdienst (CFG) OFP layout to the dispatch system. Would be amazing.


There haven’t been any new layouts added for a while now despite users offering all the required sources (there’s often more to it than just a single example PDF, it requires diving into an airline’s operating manuals to figure out all the details).

I guess it’s just not something enough users are asking for.

I am joining the line of those waiting/asking for new OFP layouts…
It would be a great start if some of the existing ones were updated (JBU for example). Also a generic Sabre layout (much like LIDO) would be fantastic.

Generic Sabre would be :fire:.

Layouts like Brussels or Turkish aren’t even that different from each other so if you could approximate them, it would probably be close enough… And Derek has some previews in the old forum of an early stage Swiss Layout in development.