Jet2/ holiday OFP Layout

I hope your all well. I was just wondering if you are working on making a Jet2/ holiday OFP. It would be fab if you can make it but it’s fine if you can’t get it. I have a pic of the Jet2/ holiday OFP if you want me to send it in to yous?

Hello, our OFP layouts take a good bit to produce. I will let the team know, but I don’t think it will be for awhile.

Thanks for getting back! OK that’s fine have u seen the layout of it or do you want me to send you the first page of the OFP?

We haven’t had a new layout in years… are you able to say when/if there will be a novel one, whichever it may be?

Unfortunately it’s hard to say right now, there are always more pressing things that need to be fixed or added to the website right now it seems.

Best regards,