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I have a question about the FMS Data, and to be specific about the ability to add company procedures to the FMS Data. I wanted to add a special procedure to Samos for the VORDME A for runway 09. As the company where I fly for most has that procedure programmed in their FMC. Now I really wanted to implement that in the data manually. I have added the waypoint the exact same way as the other allready in the file but unfortunatly the file/waypoints become invallid. Is it just not possible to add procedures manually or am I doing something wrong? I have added the file so you can check.

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LGSM.txt (6.2 KB)

Hi Daan,
sorry for the delay of the answer …

You have two syntax error in your file in line 98:

  • the FIX prefix is missing before WP01
  • and RNW09 should be written as RNW 09 - space between the prefix RNW and the runway-ident

When you change/add this two things, the procedure file will be loaded as expected.

Here the corrected file, which will be load in the PMDG without any error:
LGSM.txt (6.2 KB)


Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the fix!
I knew it would have been a small error but I wouldn’t have found it myself!
So thank you very much for fixing it!

Kind regards,

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