Company Procedure

Dear Gents,

we would like to implement a set of Company Procedures (both Runways for LGSM/SMI).
Based on Chart 13-1 (VOR DME) we woud like to implement to procedures:

  • Runway 09
  1. SAM VOR DME RADIAL 358 from DME 4.0
  2. HDG 325° to catch up SAM VOR DME RADIAL 240°
  3. R/H TURN to intercept extended centerline of RWY09 at 400’

The same for Runway 27 (R/H 040° after 4.0DME, catch radial 120° SAM VOR DME, L/H to 1NM final 27).

Could you be so kind to advise me in which format those informations are filled into your set of Navdata and how we can add a custom set of company procedures?

Thank you for any kind of idea!
Best Regards

all tailored records should be in the ARINC424 format v18, 19 or 20. We can only add these format to be sure, that we can use all tailored records in all addons.

All waypoints, navaids, makers, … should also be included in the used terminal procedures.

Hope that helps

Hey Richard,

thank you for your quick reply. Besides dispatching in real-life, I haven’t had any relations to such datasets yet. Could you give me a rough idea how one dataset for a single waypoint should look alike?

If I have this information, I could interpret this and translate it to the required ones. Besides this, as it is a company procedure, is it possible to implement this for our VA-members solely, or would I have to forward it to Navigraph and it would be only available on flights with ICAO Code “CFG” / IATA Code “DE”?

Best Regards and thanks for your support!

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