CIVA plugin

I have the CIVA plugin for use with FJS Boeing aircraft. It requires XP10 updated Airac data to be updated in the CIVA folder in the main XP11 folder. As I’m only using XP11 I am seemingly unable to update this folder with no addon available in the Addon Mappings option. Any tips?

CIVA does not use AIRAC data, as it is an old inertial navigation system where you type in the coordinates by hand. So any fix must be entered manually by typing the latitude and longitude. There is no database lookup involved, hence X-CIVA does not use any AIRAC data whatsoever. I’m therefore slightly confused as to why you would want to install XP10 data for it.

When the CIVA creator says he’s slightly confused I better pay attention. Philipp, I bought this plugin a few years ago and I’ve currently been setting up a new PC. I found a note from myself outlining an update process as per my first post. To be honest I can’t remember why so I’ll be glad to stop the unnecessary updating. Incidentally I used the Delco INS on B747-200s back in the seventies so you’ve made a great and very realistic plugin. Well done.