Charts Running in Demo Mode

Just installed Charts and it comes up in Demo Mode. I have an active subscription and am signed in.



To access Charts out of Demo Mode and FMS Data you need Ultimate (Monthly or Yearly).

You can convert across to Ultimate at subscriptions . Your existing payment will be credited against the new subscription.


The same goes for me: I have just paid for a FMS subscription… created my 1st PLN… and now, for the 2nd run, I’m in DEMO MODE, too ! I cannot open my created PLN !
<< You are currently in demo mode since you don’t have an active Charts or Ultimate subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased here>>

Date Description Payment Method Order ID Price VAT Total amount Status
May 12, 2021 FMS Yearly ************8488 325E24F46588 €25.90 €5.44 €31.34 PAID

An FMS Data subscription doesn’t provide access to Charts. Are you just wanting to try Charts in demo mode? If so it will only show your charts for airports YBBN and NZWN.

Let me know what you are trying to do.