Charts - Basic Performance Calculator

It would be nice if Charts had the capability to do basic performance calculations such a Take-Off/Landing Distances, Fuel Burn, Cruise Speed based on power, GS calculations, etc… Particularly for common GA planes (e.g. C172S, PA28, SR20, etc). I know the same thing can be done on Simbrief, but having it directly in Charts would be a little handier; like an on-the-fly performance calculator rather than a full-blown OFP and flight briefing.

Foreflight has that function in their higher tier subscription, and Fltplan GO has that feature for free. One can have the “curated” profiles by those developers, or make their own performance profiles from scratch.


There is nothing basic about takeoff/landing distance calculations though.



How about interpolation off performance tables or data points on a chart? That seems like it should be doable for lots of common GA aircraft.

EDIT: I mean hell I could make a MatLab script to run a TOLD-calculation for a C152 within half-an hour.

Fuel burn would be a handy feature, linked with a/c performance and cruise speed.

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