Feature request - takeoff performance calc

Hello everyone,

First congratulations for the amazing simbrief new format!! looks extremely cool and nice!

Just a suggestion to consider, maybe another developer can join with simbreif / navigraph to add the takeoff performance calculation option? that will be super cool and crazy fun!

Simbrief with a takeoff calculation can be the best flight simulation tool ever created! dont u guys think? please share!

Problem is that the data to support Takeoff/Landing calcs simply isnt available. Boeing doesnt even publish a Flight Planning and Performance Manual (FPPM) for their new in-production aircraft; they use what is called Performance Engineer Tool (PET), that has the operational data for an airplane model (flight performance data), say the 787-9, but certified performance (takeoff and landing data), simply is not available - they don’t publish chase-around charts at all anymore, like they did for say a 737-300…

Even if they did, it would take a tremendous amount of full-time work just to made the most rudimentary data model.

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