Charts 8 app considerably slower since last update 8.33.0

For me too, the app has now returned to the speed of the previous version 8.33. Thank you.

Android Teclast M40

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I’ve played around a little bit with an old flight on my tablet and the patched Android APK does show a definite improvement over the unpatched version. Specifically, switching between pinboarded charts is much snappier. Thanks!

I still feel like it’s a bit slower than the pre-8.33 versions, but given that I now haven’t used that in a few weeks it’s tough to quantify or know for sure. I won’t be able to try it “for real” on a new OFP for a few days yet, but for the moment at least it appears to be usable again.

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Hello everyone!

After a slight delay, the update (v8.33.1) has finally been approved. It is now rolling out to all regions!
Please note that the update was just released, and it may take anything from minutes to days for Apple to get the update to the App Store in your region. If you don’t see it yet, be patient and it will show up!

We hope this update will restore things to how they were before the 8.33.0 update. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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Just completed my first flight with the latest update and everything was back to normal.

It was great to be able to fly with everything working as it has before.

Thanks to everyone at Navigraph for getting this done! :sunglasses:

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I’ve done two complete flights since the tentative update and performance does seem to be back where it used to be.

Adding charts to the pinboard still seems to take longer - the time from tapping the pin until it highlights can take long enough to make me wonder if it recognized the tap - which can then lead to “chasing” taps when it did in fact recognize it, and then unpins it a few seconds later. This isn’t really a problem though as I usually get most of the pinboard populated before even beginning pre-flight.

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