Suggestion - Refresh Flights Tab When Dragging Down

My setup

iPad 8th Gen - iOS 16.2
iPhone SE - iOS 16.2

What I expected to happen.

I was hoping this would naturally see itself included in the v8 beta, but it doesn’t appear so.
I tend to do my flight planning outside of the iOS application (usually in a web browser on the PC at This is usually because I import from a file on a PC my friend has sent me as we use a shared cockpit and he has generated the SimBrief flight plan.

When you have the flights tab open in the iOS application, you cannot refresh it. I expect to update the flight on my PC and then refresh the flights list to see it, which naturally I expect to do swiping down (which it does animate). From there I would expect the list to refresh - but it doesn’t. I’m not sure if that is a bug, or just not implemented. I either have to restart the app or click ‘New Flight’ and then unload t and delete the new flight which forces a refresh of the list.

What actually happened

Swiping down on the flights tab on the list of flights does not refresh it, when I expect it should.

It’s a small QOL thing but maybe quite a simple addition. Great work with the rest of the app so far.

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This sounds like an excellent QoL feature especially on phones and tablets. We will make this possible.



This has been implemented and will be released along with the full, non-beta version of the mobile app within the next 24 hours. Thank you for the feedback!

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