Hong Kong CH 112.3 VOR/DME

Can tune in and get DME reading but does not ident and there is no VOR data radiating.
TH and TD are fine as is the IGS 111.9.
CC NDB on 360 is missing too. It’s (or was with Kai Tak) co located with CH.
DC6 and stock 172.
Thank You.
JeppChart 16-1 CC Let Down.pdf (74.5 KB)
IGS 13 11 3a.pdf (89.6 KB)

CH (Cheung Chau) navaid is a DME only navaid since a few months so there is not anymore any VOR indication. CC NDB has been decommissioned some time ago. See Hong Kong eAIP

Your JeppChart data are not up to date (NDB Rwy 13 and IGS 13 charts do not exist anymore for VHHH airport. I’m unsure you refer to this one, since I think hong Kong airport has been relocated some time ago)



Historically, Kai Tak was an important airport and with it’s closing there are many enthusiasts who still want to keep it alive. You are doing that by providing the SID and STARS and the approaches to 13 and 31. The changes to the real world CH and CC I fully understand and with FMC’s, they can still be programmed. But with older, non FMC aircraft, CH and CC (and RW, SC and SL) are important historically. The DC6 and the 747-200 do not have FMC’s but were regular users of Kai Tak.
I’m fully aware of the updates and that my charts are for Kai Tak but it was my impression that Navigraph was providing navdata for the fictional airport VHHX and it’s historical importance. You have the IGS which no longer exists. That needs the VOR CH and the NDB CC.
Please address this issue as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Since Navigraph data are based on current Jeppesen data, I don’t think they can and will include historical data for closed airports (1998 for this one) as well as for decommissioned navaids. It is not an “issue” IMO, just a technical impossibility and presumably that will not change, but Richard will probably provide you an official answer.

Many thanks for your response.
I fully understand but would ask that given you are still providing the IGS and all the old SIDs and STARS for this historically important airport, you find a way to ensure that at least the historically essential CH VOR is somehow preserved in your Kai Tak support. Without it the rest becomes largely irrelevant to all but the FMC equiped aircraft which, back in the day before the arrival of the first 747-400 in 1998, was the vast majority.
An alternative would be to add back the co located NDB CC which back in the day was the official substitute if CH was out.
Or is there a simple way I (we) can add it ourselves?
Thank you again for your on going consideration.
Chris Stanley.

G’day Chris, do you run the Kai Tak scenery add-on to be able to use this historic data? I think this scenery would fix your issue as it provides the historical markers/beacons etc etc.
Regards, Martin YBLT

Hi Chris,
as Herve wrote, we may not change any existing data from the source, we can only add data. So the CH VOR is a DME only navaid, which exists in real life, so we can’t/may not change this kind of navaid.

What we can look is, if we can add the decommissoned CC NDB in any of the future AIRACs. Existing data will not be touched, sorry


If the CC can go back in fq 360, that would be perfect.
Navigraph are heros.
Thank you so much.

The CC NDB, frequency 360kHz is included in the upcoming AIRAC 2111

Here a preview screenshot with AIRAC 2111:


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