Can we change the FMS and XML file names?

When downloading from navigraph charts to XP12, the XML file name always has to be manually changed by going to the FMS plans folder and renaming the actual file before the FMS will recognize it for uplink. Is there any way to set the default file naming in Navigraph so that we don’t have to do this every flight? In addition, some developers (Zibo) use custom file name formats to automatically uplink FMS and XML into the FMS.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

Would the changes proposed in this topic solve your situation?

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Apologies I had to re-read the post from @PappaMike1
He is referring to the Navigraph Desktop Charts.
I am not sure how or where he gets the XML from that App, the exports there are just flight plan not winds uplink related?

The request in my own post is related to the Simbrief website, Simbrief downloader and the XP11/12 fms as well as xml file export.

We do not require a name change in the Desktop Chart App as the current XP11/12 export does everything we require for the CO Route import into the Zibo mod. It even includes the RW/SID/STAR and transitions so, pretty much perfect for us.

If you would like to add a ZIBO export option, that is something else. It would be nice to have the Zibo name in the list!
The quick fix would be to take the existing Desktop Chart export for XP11/12 and just copy it to a Zibo heading and call the exported file b738x.fms. We do not want to lose the RW/SID/STAR and transitions from the existing exported file as mentioned above.

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That is one half of the solution. The simbrief issue is as requested by Nico and others, however I am requesting in addition that a copy of the XML file be added to the desktop charts app for download into x-plane the same as simbrief so that charts users can not only have the enhanced FMS file with sids, stars, runways and approaches, but ALSO download the xml file for the winds and other data from the OFP. Currently, charts users do not have access to the XML file produced by simbrief even though it imports the FMS from simbrief. As a paying customer of charts we should be able to at least have the two files accessible to download to the zibo like the non-paying users of simbrief will.

In short, I think Charts has the potential to enhance the flight planning process by adding SIDS, STARS, RWYS, and Approaches to the FMS file wheras simbrief has the ability to add the XML file data but charts does not.

I hope I am making this clear that I am requesting that Charts be given the same ability to support the ZIBO mod as requested for simbrief.


So to clarify - do you want us to make the XML file containing SimBrief wind data available through charts, when you have loaded a SimBrief flight?

We will soon be adding almost all SimBrief formats to the export list, so the additional export format option requirement would probably be fulfilled then.

Yes and please support the file naming protocol for ZIBO (b738x) to both files as a preset. Thanks.

Hello again! Sorry for the late response, lots going on including holidays…

I am sorry if I am not understanding you correctly, but is this issue not fixed by these changes?

Navigraph Charts is now able to export the same formats that SimBrief supports.

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Well, since zibo improvements have come so far and simbrief now accommodates the zibo file naming protocol, I do not use Navigraph to export the xml file anymore. So to answer your question, I don’t know, however it has become a non issue since the simbrief export does everything we need.

Thank you for your work. It seems a little strange to me though that we use both simbrief and navigraph separately. Would there be any advantage to enhancing Navigraph to do the simbrief flight plan all from within the Navigraph app?

The export options provided in Navigraph Charts are, to a large extent, powered by SimBrief. That includes the Zibo export option!

We aim to make both SimBrief and Navigraph Charts better over time by making sure that both benefit from each other. However, SimBrief is free and will stay that way! We do look forward to seeing what the future has in store for us when it comes to additional crossovers, but one thing is for sure - there is more to come!

If you don’t mind, I think that the original issue of this topic has been addressed by adding SimBrief-powered exports directly to charts. Thus, I would like to mark this fact as the solution to this topic!
Let me know if you disagree with this decision, and I’ll reverse the action!

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Affirmative, solution reached and you can mark the topic resolved as far as I am concerned. Thank you!

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