Carenado C90 FMS

Hi , my english is not really well , but I´ll try.
I can´t use my C 90 by carenado with FMS navigraph update . I have photos here for you can see . I tried to install the addon for this airplane but i have a weird message . Could you help me , please ? cheers



If you are referring to the error installing the, it seems you may be trying to installed into the incorrect program files directory.

You should install to something like…your \steamapps\common\FSX\CarenadoNavigraph\Navigraph

If still no joy I suggest you download and install using FMS Data Manager, making sure you have the correct FSX Steam path in Settings page. On mine it is:


After you have correctly installed the FMS Data, the first time you load the aicraft in the Sim, you should get the Building Navigraph Database bar through to 100%. Note this is Carenado supplied and supported software, and not by Navigraph.


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