CaptainSim B757 Fs9 Not showing up in FMS Data Manager

Hi, just updated to current AIRAC cycle 2101. Running Fs9.1 on Windows 8.1. My Wilco / FeelThere jets, both Boeing 737s and Embraer 170,190 (also E-175+195v2) and ERJs are successful updatet to AIRAC 2101. A bit more “fiddling” and finally in the end I succeed manually adding navdata and sid in correct FMCWP-Path on my old Fs9 PMDG B737s. But… For some reason I can’t find CaptainSim B757 (still Fs9) in the FMS Data Manager anymore. This flightsim addon (CaptSim 757) may not longer be supported? Or is there another way around to fix this issue? As for now I am not able to update to the very last navdata and AIRAC 2101 for this ac…
Best regards
Dag Farestveit, Norway

Hi Dag,


In FMS Data Manager Addon Mappings tab press +Add .
For Please select an addon…, choose Captain Sim 757/767/777
For Install into …, choose User Defined folder and navigate to
…your FS9 \Captain_Sim .
Press Save and you should have mapping < FS9 > \Captain_Sim.

Select and download in Addon List.


Hi Ian!

Brilliant support on this one. Followed your steps in FMS Data Manager. Problem solved! My old Captain Sim 757-200 is ready with updated AIRAC cycle 2101 :smiley:

Hi Dag,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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