Can't save Custom C172/HelicopterProfile

Simbrief doesn’t support Helicopters and so I’m adding my own Profile and editing the C172 :slight_smile: however, it does not allow me to save and MZFW input box keeps saying incorrectly.

In my case, the information is wrong then again 30mins later still no luck. Been looking around for H135 and there aren’t any and so it’s simple enough to edit and can’t save XD

Yes, it’s for the H135 for MSFS2020. Profile as realism as it can be since being on ATC.

Has anyone got a prile already down up

Can you show a screenshot of the profile before you save it?

Usually you get those kinds of errors when the math doesn’t add up (e.g. maximum zero fuel weight is lower than empty weight, or higher than maximum landing weight or maximum takeoff weight).



Able to save it at this config:

Yeah it’s not right and perfect though, I ended up programming it myself into the aircraft